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The Aussie Millions Poker Championship results are in. Check out the latest news and results from the first major live poker tournament of the year at the Crown Casino in Melbourne.

On this site you can also view the Aussie Millions Poker Championship Schedule and view previous Aussie Millions results.

The Major Poker Tournaments Boom

The poker game has seen unprecedented growth in the past ten years with televised action of both major tournaments, the World Poker Tour (WPT) and World Series of Poker (WSOP), said to be one of the major reasons for the burgeoning interest in the poker game.

Another factor which has increased the popularity of poker tournaments immeasurably is that it is now seen to be properly regulated, with its image improving all the time. Poker no longer engenders scenes of unruly, uncouth gamblers trying to cheat their way to the pot, or decks of cards being marked by unscrupulous dealers with links to organised crime bosses who controlled the gambling industry for so many decades in Las Vegas and Atlantic City. It has an air of respectability which was sorely lacking in the not too distant past.

Online Poker Phenomenon

The growth of online poker, in particular, has been quite phenomenal – one poker news journalist suggested that the rate of growth was well over 600% in 2005 alone! In the States, the online poker industry is estimated to be worth in the region of $2 billion, and counting! No wonder poker rooms are able to offer the kind of lucrative bonuses we showcase on the right.

Professional poker players have embraced online poker rooms as a means of qualifying for some of the biggest poker tournaments in the world, and recently Hollywood has had an enduring love affair with the game, with celebrity poker being the flavour of the year, or should we say decade!

Live and Online Poker Tournaments

Most international poker tournaments, be they online or live, have a fixed entry fee, or buy-in. The gambler must pay for his seat in the tournament and these monies generally form part of the prize money. Each player will be allocated a certain amount of poker chips for his buy-in.

Some of the more prestigious tournaments, like the Aussie Millions, are sponsored, and other tournaments derive their prize money from the gate, or the spectators who pay to watch the budding gambling maestros in action.

Possibly another reason why poker, and poker tournaments, has become so very popular is that it is no longer seen as the domain of the wealthy, or very talented. Many of the more prestigious tournaments today have a number of satellite tournaments affiliated, which enables the ordinary man to compete in the elite events without having to pay out a huge sum of money as the buy-in. It works almost like ranking points in tennis – the man in the street enters the satellite tournaments, which demand a much smaller buy-in, and should he be successful, he would be awarded a seat for a WTO or WSOP event. Many of these satellite events are online poker tournaments, which cuts costs even further.

Poker Tournament Winners

  • Erik Seidel has pulled in a whopping $7 153 704, and he does not top the money list
  • European Tour playmate Gavin Griffin boasts an earnings of $4 394 845
  • World Poker Tour superstar, Hoyt Corkins has pocketed $3 721 263

There have been efforts to increase the number of legitimate poker tours internationally, but most of these lesser tours have hit serious snags. The innovative ShowDown Poker Tour and the Professional Poker Tour were duly floated, but it wasn’t long before they were facing serious trouble. For more information take a look at our SDPT and PPT pages.