2007 Results

The 4th edition of the Caribbean Poker Classic was a veritable thriller, with Dane, Brian Jensen walking off with over $237 000. The stock broker by trade had the tournament by the scruff of the neck very early on in the final sitting, and the cards just kept on coming!

Jensen and his fellow opponents, seven of them in all, had to wait until 2pm the following day to get on with the big one. The room was filled with inordinately vocal support, drinks were flowing, and the table was situated slap bang in the middle of the casino floor – perfect for a post high-noon showdown!

First Moves

Dane, Martin Clemmensen got the crowd baying when he got all-in against fellow Scandinavian Joakim Garp. Clemmensen had come to the table the poorest of the lot so he was well aware that he either had to double up, or bale out! He was looking in terrible trouble with a pair of deuces to Garp’s kings, but the crowd were ecstatic, and so was Clemmensen, who took a couple of victory laps around the floor, when the dealer tossed a two of diamonds onto the felt! Clemmensen was out of the danger zone, but Garp was deep in it.

Maestro at Work

It wasn’t too long before Brian Jensen joined the fray and was all-in before the flop. He took Garp with a Big Slick (Ace & King) and was soon knocking players out at will.

Soon, there were rumours of a deal going down, with Jensen holding down the position as chip leader with $8000k.

Tournament Director, Thomas Kremser agreed to a deal whereby $41 100 of the remaining $541 100 would be left on the table – $148 000 for Jensen, $129 000 for Jan Van der Wal and $111 500 for Clemmensen and Mihai Manole. This would leave $30 000 for the winner and $11 100 for the runner-up.

Once the deal was secure Van der Wal was almost immediately knocked out by the unstoppable Jensen, and then there were three – Jensen, Manole and Clemmensen.

Manole had some great cards and got rid of Clemmensen, who left with no more than a whimper and finally it was the moment everyone had been waiting for – Manole was all-in with two pair, aces up but Jensen had outs with bottom pair and a flush draw. The fourth card dealt missed but the river, the fifth card, nailed his flush and put a stop to the marathon match.

Final Results

The guaranteed prize pool was a whopping $1 million and 153 players took part.

  1. Brian Jensen $237 500
  2. Mihai Manole $ 145 500
  3. Martin Clemmensen $87 800