2007 William Hill Poker Grand Prix Results

The William Hill Poker Grand Prix is one of the ‘new kids’ on the poker block. The inaugural event took place in 2005, although it was only available for public consumption in 2006 when Sky Sports broadcast it to thousands of home throughout the UK and Europe.

William Hill Poker Grand Prix 2006 Results

The initial tournament was an unprecedented success – it enticed some of the biggest names in Europe to lay down a relatively rich buy-in for the honour of taking part. Stars like Willie “the Dice Man” Tan, proud recipient of a WSOP bracelet, Patrik “The Terminator” Antonius, winner of the EPT event in Baden bei Wien, and Christer Johansson, who won the WPT first season Grand Prix de Paris event have all took part in the first edition of the William Hill Poker Grand Prix.

The seven heats took place over a period of three months, form January to March 2006 and the heat results were:

  • Heat 1 – Phil Laak followed by John Falconer
  • Heat 2 – Pascal followed by Roy Brindley
  • Heat 3 – Liam Flood followed by Peter Costa
  • Heat 4 – Ram Vaswani followed by Iwan Jones
  • Heat 5 – Ken Lenaard followed by Ben Roberts
  • Heat 6 – Greg Hill followed by Barney Boatman
  • Heat 7 – Sean Murphy followed by Wille Tan.

All the winners of the heats moved on to the final table, and all the runners-up took part in a play-off event which was won by Roy Brindley, who became the eighth player at the final table.

On the 14th of March the fabulous Phil Laak walked away with the main prize of EUR 150 000, closely followed by Ram Vaswani with EUR 95 000. Other players ‘in the money’ were:

  • Roy Brindley – EUR 65 000
  • Pascal eptpascal.html – EUR 45 000
  • Ken Lenaard – EUR 35 000
  • Sean Murphy – EUR 25 000
  • Liam Flood – EUR 20 000
  • Greg Hill – EUR 15 000

William Hill Poker Grand Prix 2007 Results

  • Heat 1 – Bo Sehlstedt, followed by Antanas Guoga
  • Heat 2 – Johnny Lodden followed by ‘Rocky’ Ross Boatman
  • Heat 3 – Ken Lenaard followed by John Kabbaj
  • Heat 4 – Jeff ‘Iceman’ Lisandro followed by Brian Cassidy
  • Heat 5 – Wayne Hutchins followed by Roy Brindley
  • Heat 6 – Antonio Esfandiari followed by Ben ‘Milkybarkid’ Grundy
  • Heat 7 – Martin Wendt followed by Stuart Fox

The winners of all the heats qualified for the final table and Ben Grundy, who won the semi finals, went through as the eighth player.

In March 2007 Martin Wendt of Denmark pocketed the grand prize of EUR 180 000 and runner-up Wayne Hutchins took home EUR 100 000. All the other players at the final table were also rewarded for their efforts:

  • Antonio Esfandiari – EUR 70 000
  • Ben Grundy – EUR 50 000
  • Johnny Lodden – EUR 35 000
  • Bo Sehlstedt – EUR 25 000
  • Jeff Lisandro – EUR 20 000
  • Ken Lenaard – EUR 15 000