APPT Tournaments

The maiden season of the Asia Pacific Poker Tour not only broke records in the region but went off without snag. For the first time in living memory authorities in South Korea and China  welcomed a tournament dedicated to gaming with open arms and the APPT Macau became the largest-ever poker tournament to be held in China.

The fledgling tour attracted over 1400 players from around the globe, which in turn generated a total prize pool of over $5.5 million – plenty of moola to travel half way across the world for! The organisers are expecting an even bigger turn out for the second season and have added an extra event to the growing itinerary – the Island of the Long Cloud, New Zealand, will be the beneficiary of the new addition.

Pros committed to APPT

One of the most important criteria that can guarantee success for a youthful poker tour is the combined support of as many of the big names in the game as possible and with PokerStars as sponsor, there appears to be no shortage of real talent taking part in the newly conceived tours – the APPT and the very new kid on the block, the LAPT. Without the real poker technicians at the tables, the tour will eventually fizzle out as we have witnessed with both the SDPT and the EPM.

Another aspect that will keep the APPT and the sister tournaments of the EPT and the LAPT going are the freeroll and satellite tournaments currently on the go where entries to all the big tours are up for grabs – these online qualifiers will always fill the tables. There could be one area of concern though and that of course is the size of the prize pool – with more and more players qualifying online without a buy-in, the prize pools will be markedly less and many of the more accomplished players may not be lured across the ocean for a ‘cheap’ reward!

Schedule for APPT Season Two

  1. APPT Macau Main Event (buy-in $3 200) – 1-9 September 2008
  2. APPT Macau High Rollers Event (buy-in $19 250)  – 1-9 September 2008
  3. APPT Seoul Main Event (buy-in $2 870)  – 26-28 September 2008
  4. APPT Auckland Main Event (buy-in $2 400) – 9-12 October 2008
  5. APPT Manila Main Event (buy-in $2 350) – TBC
  6. APPT Sydney Main Event (buy-in $5 930) – 2-7 December 2008