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Saint Kitts is the larger of the two islands that make up the tiny Caribbean island nation of St Kitts Nevis. It is a wonderful melange of French and English as it was swopped between the two nations like a hot potato before it finally gained its independence from the UK in 1983.

The petite Caribbean homeland is going through a considerable period of growth at present, further stimulated by the large liners and cruise ships which ply around the Caribbean in ever larger numbers. Perhaps the Island’s most delightful aspect is the unspoilt natural areas that encompass both rainforest and clean white beaches.

Endangered tropical birds with colourful plumages, and the celebrated monkeys, said to have been brought in by plundering pirates, are just a few examples of the exquisite wildlife of the islands.

Getting There

By Air from the USA – The Island is only about two and half hours out of Miami by air, and on landing, the St Kitts Marriott is 10 minutes away form the airport, so getting there is not a problem.

  • American Airlines offer daily flights from San Juan, Puerto Rico, direct flights from Miami and charter flights from Dallas. There are plans for a direct flight from JFK to St Kitts in the near future
  • Caribbean Sun Airlines offer flights out of Tortola, Bolivia
  • US Airways has a direct flight from Philadelphia
  • Delta Airlines has a non-stop flight from Atlanta

From the UK – There is a flight to St Kitts from London Gatwick every Saturday by Golden Caribbean. For bookings please log on to or

From Canada – Skyservice offers one or two flights per week from Toronto to St Kitts.

By Boat – There are daily ferries running between St Kitts and Nevis and the occasional ferry does travel between St Kitts and St Maarten, but best to check the very erratic itinerary.

Most of the tourists who flock to the Leeward Islands each season come by one of the dozens of cruise ships which travel around the Caribbean during the season (November to April).

Getting Around

By Car – The easiest way to get around the Island is by hire car. There are several rental outlets at the airport, and temporary driver’s licences are available. Should you prefer to do your travelling by taxi, please negotiate the fare up front or you may be in for a bit of a shock!

By Bus – there is a more than adequate bus service between the busier centres of St Kitts, and the main bus stops in the capital, Basseterre include the ferry pier, Baker’s Corner and along Canyon Road.