European Poker Tour Players, Bertrand Grospellier

Frenchman, Bertrand ‘Elky’ Grospellier is close on Gavin Griffin’s heels on the European Poker Tour’s ‘All Time Money List’ – he is just one behind the leader of the cash pack.

His major success to date has been his triumph at the 2008 PokerStars Caribbean Poker Adventure in the Bahamas. He managed to bluff his way to victory over online qualifier Hafiz Khan to claim the $2 million that was up for grabs and engrave his name into the annals of EPT history.

Grospellier was first and foremost a consummate gamer, and he had huge success with Starcraft, ending up with second place in the World Cyber Games in 2001. He only started flirting with poker a little later on, but by the 2006/2007 season he had already qualified for a number of top drawer events.

A team member of PokerStars, Grospellier had his first big tour success in 2007 when he came second in the Scandinavian Open, an EPT event. Then he moved right into another league when he won the richest title on the EPT, the Caribbean Adventure. This boosted him into second place on the tour’s ‘All Time Money List’ and the number one on the France ‘All time Money List’. He will contest the Grand Final in Monte Carlo in April 2008. The 27 year old has already pocketed over $2.5 million in prize money.

Grospellier has a habit of setting incredible records, and he has done it again on PokerStars – he is the first player to be elevated to Supernova and Supernova Elite status having earned 100 000 player points in just 2 weeks and 1 million player points in four and half months respectively!

Bertrand’s Big tour Cashes

  • 37th WSOP (2006) in Las Vegas – $2000 No Limit Hold ‘Em – 37th – $10 478
  • EPT The Big Double 2006 in Baden – €5000 No Limit Hold ‘Em – 16th – $15 976
  • EPT Scandinavian Open (2007) – Danish Kroner 37 500 No Limit Hold ‘Em – 2nd – $399 953
  • EPT Warsaw (2007) – ZL 15 000 No Limit Hold ‘Em – 18th – $8 228
  • 38th WSOP (2007) in Las Vegas – $2000 No Limit Hold ‘Em – 68th – $6 966
  • 38th WSOP (2007) in Las Vegas – $1500 No Limit Hold ‘Em – 21st – $20 806
  • 38th WSOP (2007) in Las Vegas – $2500 No Limit Hold ‘Em – 9th – $29 124
  • APPT Main Event (2007) in Macau – $2500 No Limit Hold ‘Em – 5th – $48 576
  • EPT PokerStar Caribbean Adventure – 1st – $2 million.