History of the European Poker Tour

The EPT was the bright idea of a certain John Duthie, a professional poker player by trade and the winner of the inaugural Poker Million Tournament. He recognised the fact that online gaming, poker in particular, had instigated an unprecedented worldwide explosion in the popularity of game. Texas Hold Em had captured the imagination of amateurs and professionals alike and it was time to expand on the concept of a world-wide tour to compete with the WTP and the WSOP.

The inaugural season was held in 2004, and it was a huge success and season two and three followed without too much of a hitch, each season attracted more players and more viewers, so all was well with the EPT.

To illustrate the success of the infant EPT, the third season saw a sell-out in Barcelona, London, Copenhagen, Dortmund and Warsaw and the Grand Final attracted a record breaking field of 706 players with a total prize pool of €6.6 million. It was the richest tournament ever to be held outside of Las Vegas in the USA!

All in all, more than 3 400 poker players from all over the world took part in a tour with a total prize pool of €26.6 million – enough to whet anybody’s appetite!

Prize Pool Problems

There was one problem however, and that was the fact that it lagged behind the WTP as far as the size of the prize pool was concerned. The buy-ins were just too cheap, as they were about half the size of the buy-ins of the WTP.

Duthie quickly acknowledged that it was an area for concern and in Season Four the buy-in at most scheduled EPT events rose to about €8000. This also alleviated the secondary hassle of the participating casinos not having sufficient space for the number of contestants. So by mid-2007the buy-ins for both the EPT and WPT were relatively equitable.

Season 1 Results 2004/2005

  • Total Players 1468
  • PokerStars Qualifiers 350
  • Prize Pool – €4 780 972
  • Barcelona Open – Alexander Stevic
  • London – John Shipley
  • Dublin – Ram Vaswani
  • Copenhagen – Noah Boeken
  • French Open – Brandon Schaeffer
  • Vienna – Pascal eptpascal.html
  • Grand Final – Rob Hollink

Season 2 Results 2005/2006

  • Total Players 2009
  • PokerStars Qualifiers 363
  • Prize Pool – €9 824 000
  • Barcelona Open – Jan Boubli
  • London – Mark Teltscher
  • Baden Classic – Patrik Antonius
  • Dublin – Mats Gavatin
  • Scandinavian – Mads Andersen
  • French Open – Mats Iremark
  • Grand Final – Jeff Williams

Season 3 results 2006/2007

  • Total Players 3481
  • PokerStars Qualifiers 756
  • Prize Pool €19 571 000
  • Barcelona Open – Bjorn-Erik Glenne
  • London – Vickey Coren
  • Baden Classic – Thang Duc Nguyen
  • Dublin – Roland de Wolfe
  • Copenhagen – Magnus Petersson
  • German Open – Andreas Hoivold
  • Warsaw Open – Peter Jepsen
  • Grand Final – Gavin Griffin