Mandalay Bay Poker Championship


Season Six – 29 May – 2 June 2007


$10 000

Prize Pool

$2 211 600




The elegant Mandalay Bay Hotel and Casino plays host to the second event on the WPT schedule. The casino offers some of the most competitive odds in Las Vegas, and has one of the most refreshing gaming areas in the City of Sin. A veritable tropical paradise awaits those who enjoy a bit of gambling – lush jungle-like foliage, fresh running water and exotic architecture will calm the nerves and heighten the senses. All the favourite table games and slots are available in over 130 000 sq ft of chic space.

Contact Details

Mandalay Bay, 3950 Las Vegas Boulevard South, Las Vegas NV 89119

Telephone – 702-632-7777


British Columbia’s Shawn Buchanon won the heads-up of the second event on the WPT Season Six Calendar, taking ‘The WacoKidd’, Jared Hamby, out with relative ease. Buchanon had dominated the chip leader board from the very first day of the event, and looked every bit the consummate winner.

Hamby’s aggressive all-in for $865 000 from the big blind was not the success he had hoped. The unflappable Buchanon mulled it over for a couple of minutes, looking oh so cool and collected, before uttering those dreaded words “I Call”.

Hamby showed K-8 of hearts and the twenty-five year old Buchanon his pair of red threes. The flop revealed jack, seven and 5 of clubs, leaving Buchanon holding on to the lead. The turn was a four of spades and the river an Ace of spades, leaving Buchanon clutching the very tidy chip stack to his chest. The main cash prize was a very neat $768 775 and he picked up an entry to the WPT World Championships in April 2008.

“The last hand, I knew he had a random hand. I was pretty sure he didn’t have a pair. He made such a big bet that I figured I was ahead, and I was willing to gamble. If we lost the hand we’d be back to even and we’d play again, so it wasn’t a huge problem if I lost”, said the grinning champion after the event.

Final Table

  1. Shawn Buchanon
  2. Jared Hamby
  3. David Levi
  4. Thayer Rassmussen
  5. David Haddad
  6. Danny Wong