Manila Asia Pacific Poker Tournaments


Season Two – To be confirmed



Prize Pool



500 expected


Hyatt Hotel & Casino Manila

Contact Details

Hyatt Hotel & Casino Manila

1588 Pedro Gil Corner MH Del Pilar

Malate, Manila, Philippines, 1004

Tel: +63 2 245 1234

Fax: +63 2 247 1234


Getting there

Manila is easily accessed by air and has three international airports servicing the city. The primary airport is the Ninoy Aquino International Airport and the national carrier, Philippine Airlines (PAL), has its own dedicated terminal (terminal 2). All other international carriers use terminal 1.

The simplest way to get into the city itself is via coupon, or pre-paid taxi. The rates are fixed and are generally slightly more expensive than metered taxis but they can be accessed directly from the terminal building whereas metered taxis are not allowed near the arrivals section of the airport. Taxi counters can be found in both terminals immediately after exiting customs and fares range between $10 and $15 to a destination within the metro.

Season 1 Results Main Event

Twenty-two year old student, Brett Parise, joined a long line of online qualifiers who have claimed the elite live tournament titles of the APPT, LAPT, EPT, WPT and WSOP and he didn’t have to fork out a cent for his seat, accommodation or travelling costs. The youngster almost didn’t make it to the event though, his passport only arrived a couple of hours before he was due to fly – but that was the last hitch the American had to endure before he pocketed almost $180 000 in winnings and the coveted APPT title!

What was interesting about the Manila final table was that virtually every player was singularly inexperienced in live tournament play, only Van Marcus, who finished third, was the exception to the rule – he has enjoyed final table action at the 2007 WSOP and the 2007 Aussie Millions.

After three days of intense pressure, the event culminated in the heads up between the Parise and 45-year-old attorney, Ira Blumenthal. It was a cautious affair with fortunes slipping back and forth between the two players but Blumenthal, who was severely short-stacked, had to make a move or relinquish the title without a fight. He pushed all-in preflop holding a J-5 and Parise immediately called with 10-10. The board read K-Q-9 giving Blumenthal an inside straight draw but neither the turn K, or the river 9, could complete Blumenthal’s draw and Parise was yelping with joy!

Final Table

  1. Brett Parise (USA) – $179 775
  2. Ira Blumenthal (USA) – $113 858
  3. Nicolas Bamman (USA) – $62 921
  4. Van Marcus (Australia) – $44 940
  5. Maor Feldinger (Israel) – $35 955
  6. Roger Spets (Sweden) – $26 966
  7. Bas Van Liere (The Netherlands) – $20 974
  8. Kazuhiro Sato (Japan) – $14 981
  9. Derick Hernandez (Philippines) – $11 386