Mirage Poker Showdown


Season Six – 19 – 23 May 2007


$10 000

Prize Pool





The fabulous Mirage Casino in Las Vegas is host to the inaugural event of WPT Season Six. The casino is just one of the dozens of gaming houses which line the famed Las Vegas Strip and the ‘downtown’ area of the city. It boasts thirty tables which offer a range of games from Texas Hold ‘Em to Seven Card Stud to Omaha.

Contact Details

Mirage Casino 3400 South, Las Vegas Boulevard, Las Vegas, Nevada

Telephone – (702) 791 7111

Email – guestservices@mirage.com


In a remarkable recovery from a first day disaster, Jonathan ‘FieryJustice’ Little, beat Canadian Cory Caroll in the heads-up to claim the Mirage Poker Showdown title and the first prize of $1 066 295.

The quietly spoken member of one of the more notorious poker crews, Shipitholla Ballas, ended day one of the event with only $5000 chips – way off the chip leader, David Matthews, who sat on an unbelievably large stack, estimated at around $156 000!.

Day two was a totally different story for the young man – even though his chip pile was hopelessly pathetic, he was dealt pocket kings in the first hand and opted to double up. His luck continued when he got nines and doubled up, and from then on in it was the Jonathan Little Show!

The final table was clearly not going to be a walkover for the relative unknown – he had to face the celebrated Phil Ivey and Richard Kirsch to claim the big one.

“It was a tough final table, but everything went my way. Every time I was bluffing I didn’t get called. Usually when I wanted to get called, I’d get called, and whenever I got in with the worst hand, I won,” he said, clutching his much improved chip stack.

Little is known about the young champion except for the fact that he cashes in at virtually every big tournament he plays in, and victory at the elite WPT event should get him a tad more recognition at the tables.

WPT Triumphs

  • WPT Season 5 – PokerStars.com Caribbean Poker Adventure – 5th – $317 873
  • WPT Season 6 – Gulf Coast Poker Championship – 7th – $93 451
  • WPT Season 6 – North American Poker Championship – 2nd – $680 862
  • WPT Season 6 – Mirage Poker Showdown – 1st – $1 066 295

Final Table

  1. Jonathan Little
  2. Cory Caroll
  3. Darrell Dicken
  4. Richard Kirsch
  5. Phil Ivey
  6. Amnon Filippi