Ram Vaswani

Ram ‘Crazy horse’ Vaswani is the youngest member of The Hendon Mob, and he is the only player who has made it to four EPT final tables. Also referred to as ‘The Looker’ by members of the fairer sex – he is considered to be the best looking of the ‘Mobsters’ – Vaswani holds a single WSOP bracelet which he won in 2007.

Vaswani was a gambling junkie from a very early age, and his antics often got him into trouble with authority figures. He organised a low stakes poker game with friends whilst on a school trip to Wales, but was stopped by the irate teaching staff – he was only 12 at the time!

He met Joe Beevers while wagering on dog racing at Luton, and it wasn’t long before the two had set up a private poker game. It was here that they met the other two members of what would become The Hendon Mob – brothers Barney and Ross Boatman.

His first major win was at the HFI 5000 Lido Tournament at the Masters Classics of Poker in Amsterdam, and he has Beevers to thank for it. Vaswani was so broke that he had to borrow money to stake in a cash game so that he could build up the funds for the buy-in!

European Poker Tour Final Tables

He currently holds the record for the player who has made it to the most final tables on the EPT:

  1. He won the Dublin event
  2. He finished runner-up to Noah Boeken in Copenhagen
  3. He finished 5th in Deauville
  4. He finished 8th in the main event of Season 3.

Vaswani was runner-up at the 2006 William Hill Poker Grand Prix, but apart from the fact that he finished behind Phil Laak, he was consistently referred to the "best player in the field" by commentator, Lucy Rokach. The field included former world champion, Scotty Nguyen and WSOP bracelet winners Donnacha O’Dea and Brian Wilson.

To date Vaswani has won over $3 million dollars in prize money.

Big Tournament Wins

  • 38th WSOP 2007 in Las Vegas – $217 438
  • The Irish winter Tournament 2004, Dublin – EUR 93 000
  • Christmas Cracker 2003, Luton – EUR 26 670
  • Midland Masters 2003, Walsall – EUR 22 300
  • March in the Midlands 2002, Walsall – EUR 23 500
  • Euro Finals of Poker 2002, Paris – EUR 107 500
  • European Poker Classic, London – EUR 23 625
  • 1999 HFI 5000 Lido tournament Masters Classic of Poker, Amsterdam – $130 934