Results of the WSOP Event 45 – $50 000 H.O.R.S.E

Scotty Nguyen can now add the coveted H.O.R.S.E title to his 1998 WSOP Main Event triumph, distinctions that clearly separate him from the rest of the poker playing mob. He currently owns five WSOP bracelets and joins a throng of heavyweights including the incomparable late Stu Ungar, veteran Berry Johnston, the man tipped as the best poker player in the world today, the fabulous Phil Ivey and one of the most feared poker technicians on the circuit, Chris ‘Jesus’ Ferguson.

Nguyen was just one memorable member of a final table that included a couple of Player of the Year candidates, multiple bracelet winners and inveterate big cash contestants, so right from the onset the competition was fierce for a title that may well surpass the Main Event in importance in the not too distant future .

The Casualties

Nguyen started at the elite final table second on the chip leaderboard with 3 535 000, only slightly behind the accomplished Erick Lindgren, who had a tidy stack amounting to 3 680 000. The first casualty was Patrick Bueno, holder of the short stack, who was easily dispatched by Lindgren during the RAZZ portion of the event. Play was deliberate and the stacks were plentiful so it took some time before the next player was eliminated, but Huck Seed couldn’t escape the inevitable and bombed out when he became ensnared in a Stud Hi/Lo hand with Mike DeMichele. The same game claimed one of the ‘Player of the Year’ candidates, Barry Greenstein, who simply could not get past the determined Nguyen.

Multiple bracelet winner, Lyle Berman, was turfed out in 5th place when he lost it all in a RAZZ showdown with Nguyen and DeMichele and Matt Glantz couldn’t better Scotty’s flush in a Omaha Hi/Lo contest but it took six hours and 200 hands to dethrone Erick Lindgren when his pair of eights did not pass muster!

Scotty went into the heads up with a 4 – 1 chip lead – he had an unbelievably deep stack of 12 140 000 compared to DeMichele’s paltry 2 660 000 and it only took ten hands for Nguyen to silence his opponent. In a Holdem contest DeMichele raised preflop with A 3 and in typical fashion Nguyen said “It’s gonna be all over, baby” and raised with A 10. DeMichelle called all in, the flop was A 9 6 and Scotty was riding high. The turn was a 7 and a 4 on the river eliminated the 22-year-old DeMichele and Scotty Nguyen was crowned monarch of the richest buy-in event in WSOP history.

Final Table Results

  1. Scotty Nguyen – $1 989 120
  2. Mike DeMichele – $1 243 200
  3. Erick Lindgren – $781 440
  4. Matt Glantz – $568 320
  5. Lyle Berman – $444 000
  6. Barry Greenstein – $355 200
  7. Huck Seed – $284 160
  8. Patrick Bueno – $230 880
  9. Ralph Perry – $177 600