Results of the WSOP Event 50 – $10 000 Pot Limit Omaha

Irishman, Marty Smyth, will be smiling into his Guinness right now – he claimed his first WSOP bracelet, a slice of the largest Pot Limit Omaha Tournament prize pool in history and the unequivocal title of Pot Limit Omaha World Champion.

This year’s event was well represented by the top Omaha specialists from all over the globe and there was a 21% increase in the number of entries compared to that of the 2007 World Championship Pot Limit Omaha event. What is fascinating is that over 15 nations were represented in a game  that is traditionally more popular in Europe. Defending champion, Robert Mizrachi, did enter the fray this year but failed to finish in the cash!

Another Mizrachi, brother, Michael, joined the final table as the chip leader  with 1 767 000 behind the winner of the inaugural charity event ‘Ante up for Africa’, Brandon Moran, who had a presentable stack of 1 286 000. Eventual champion, Smyth, was ranked 4th in the chip count.

Greg Hurst was the first to go – he lasted only 8 hands before being decimated by a straight held by Michael Mizrachi. By the 35thy hand Brandon Moran was looking all used up, he was down to 525 000 chips, second last in the chip count! Mizrachi was leading with 1 845 000, Pham came in second and Jetten third. Moran lost it all in against the dominant Mizrachi who made it four in a row when he knocked professional bridge player, Tom Hanlon and Thang ‘Kido’ Pham out soon after.

The other contestants soon started tumbling out of the competition and it was not long before the heads-up battle between Smyth and Peter Jetten took centre stage. The final encounter lasted 30 hands with the lead swopping between the two players with uncanny regularity until the final hand saw Smyth with the narrowest of chip leads. Both went all in on the Q 10 9 flop and both had a straight, Jetten with K J 3 2 and Smyth with K J J Q but it was Smyth who had the royal club flush draw when the 6 of clubs came on the river! Smyth later admitted that he hadn’t realised he had the royal club flush draw “I didn’t realise I had clubs, that’s the God’s honest truth”!

Final Table Results

  1. Marty Smyth – $859 549
  2. Peter Jetten – $528 256
  3. Michael Mizrachi – $331 279
  4. Billy Argyros – $268 605
  5. Richard Harrach – $214 884
  6. Thang (Kido) Pham – $170 116
  7. Tom Hanlon – $134 302
  8. Brandon Moran – $107 442
  9. Greg Hurst – $80 581