Seoul Asia Pacific Poker Tournaments


Season Two – 26-28 September 2008



Prize Pool



250 expected


Paradise Walker-Hill Casino

Contact Details

Paradise Walker-Hill Casino

21Gwangjang-Dong, Gwangji-Gu

Seoul, South Korea

Tel: +82 222 043 426 ext.7


Getting there

The vast majority of international players will opt for air travel to South Korea and the incredible new age Incheon International Airport will be their final destination. The airport is an experience in itself – it houses saunas, malls and even opticians but is easy to navigate around and is well connected to the City of Seoul.

For those booked into the luxury hotels, Limousine buses will be available to ferry guests to their accommodation free of charge and they, together with the public buses, depart from outside the first floor arrivals.

The A’REX train links Incheon with the older and more centrally located Gimpo Airport with express and commuter trains leaving every 12 minutes and expected travel time around 30 minutes. From Gimpo there is a more than adequate subway service to downtown Seoul (Line 5) that takes in the region of 50 minutes. Gimpo Airport caters for flights from Tokyo, Shanghai and the domestic regions of South Korea.

Getting Around

Seoul is said to rival greater Tokyo in size and with an estimated population of 10 million, congestion, pollution and traffic jams are the order of the day. The easiest and safest way to get around this massive city is by subway. It is efficient and easy to understand – all the lines are colour-coded – and tourists can visit almost all major attractions via the subway.

Season 1 Results Main Event

The inaugural APPT Seoul was won by Israeli, Ziv Bachar and it was yet another example of why poker has become so very popular the world over. The young man from Tel Aviv pocketed almost $140 000 for his efforts after winning his flight, accommodation and tournament buy-in online! What other sport promises cash rewards of this magnitude with so little outlay?

Bachar is no poker rookie though and he proved his ability by taming some accomplished players en route to victory including WSOP winner, Dan Schreiber, who was knocked out in 8th position, 2005 World Champion, Joe Hachem and Isabelle ‘No Mercy’ Mercier.

He has tasted tournament success before – he finished 9th at the 2006 Caribbean Adventure in the Bahamas and claimed a no limit holdem title at the 2007 EPT Grand Final in Monte Carlo but the win in Seoul was special for the 25-year-old ”It has been amazing,” said Bachar. “I was deep stacked at the start of play and always felt I had a great chance at winning. I am very happy to be the first APPT Seoul champion and look forward to competing in Sydney this December.”  

Final Table

  1. Ziv Bachar (Israel) – $139 872
  2. Jozef Berec (Australia) – $87 420
  3. Shinhan Sid Kim (USA) – $48 081
  4. Michel St-Pierre (Canada) – $34 968
  5. James Honeybone (New Zealand) – $28 412
  6. Seval Hegeland (Norway) – $21 855
  7. Roger Spets (Sweden) – $17 484
  8. Dan Schreiber (USA) – $13 113
  9. Paul Adams (USA) – $8 740