ShowDown Poker Tour Crisis

Although the ShowDown Poker had been floated with the best intentions in mind, the tour was basically flawed from the get go. In an effort to entice the big guns of the game, the organisers opted to set buy-ins comparable to the bigger tours of the WPT and WSOP. All good and well if you can persuade players to compete, but what if there are no shows? It would ultimately mean that only the top four of the event would be ‘in the money’, and very few players would risk the €3000 plus buy-in on such small odds.

The London and Dublin events failed to attract the required numbers, and although the organisers, the Hendon Mob and some other credible players tried their upmost to float the idea, the damage was already done to the latest addition to the long list of international Poker Tournaments.

All the planned events were scheduled for just after the WSOP, the premier international poker tour with most of the events held on the other side of the Atlantic. Perhaps poker fatigue contributed to the fact that so few American pros made the trip for the launch of the SDPT.

The more familiar and cheaper European Poker Tour was also due to kick off in Barcelona at virtually the same time, so it made pure economic sense that most of the pros headed for a tour which had been proven a success.

If one compares the SDPT in Denmark with the EPT equivalent in Copenhagen in 2006, the buy-in to the EPT Scandinavian Open was €4000, but the prize pool was a very enticing €1 072 000 with over 27 players pocketing cash and the winner claiming in the region of €261 000 . The SDPT in Denmark had a buy-in of €5000 plus a hefty casino fee of 11% but the winner only pulled in just over €69 000!

Failure too has a snowball affect and as early as the second event in Dublin huge cracks were appearing in the relationship between the SDPT and tournament director, Matt Savage, who did not make the event because of "competing demands from American Television". Even the patient Hendon Mob had reduced their number to two by the time the tour rolled into Denmark!

A 2007 poker tournament at the Casino de Montreux in Switzerland was announced as being part of the ShowDown Poker tour but as far as our research shows it never took place, so for all intents and purposes the very promising ShowDown Poker Tour is done and dusted and in all probability been consigned to the rubbish bin.