WPT Celebrity Invitational


Season Six – 1- 3 March 2008



Prize Pool

$200 000




The Commerce Casino has the largest card room in the world and is situated in the LA suburb of Commerce.

Getting there

Getting to Los Angeles is certainly not a problem but getting around this huge sprawling city is another story altogether. The public transport is erratic and dysfunctional and the only sensible way to get around is by private or hire car. There is no easy way to avoid the endless traffic congestion so best be prepared to spend long hours in your vehicle. The AAA has a range of free maps which are more than adequate otherwise make sure your vehicle has an onboard navigation system!

Contact Details

Commerce Casino, 6131 East Telegraph Road, Commerce, CA 90040

Telephone – (323) 721 2100

Fax – (323) 838 3472

Email – casino@commercecasino.net


Hats off to the ladies! Van ‘The Blaster’ Nguyen became the first woman to lift a WPT Open Tournament Title when she claimed the WPT Celebrity Invitational. The lady had to overcome some stiff competition in the form of 443 other celebs and tournament hopefuls, but she kept her head and walked away with a sweet bit of pocket money – $100 000 in cash! Van is the wife of champion poker player, Men ‘The Master’ Nguyen.

With her husband watching intently from the stands, Van defeated a really tough Final Table which included Poker Hall of Famer, Billy Baxter.

When asked whether she was more excited by being the first woman to win a WPT title or by winning the title before her husband did, she replied “I can’t believe that I’m the first woman to win the WPT title. I’m still trying to believe it! But no, Men is very supportive. He told me “Wow, you won the WPT title,” and he doesn’t care that I won it before him”.

The attractive brunette only started playing poker when her children had grown up, but emphasised that her husband had been more than supportive in her quest for a tour title: “Before I started playing poker I would stay at home and take care of the kids, but after our kids grew up I’d follow him (Men) to where he’d go and play tournaments. He plays a lot of tournaments, my husband, and so I learned from him. He taught me how to play no limit”, she said.

Final Table

  1. Van Tuyet Nguyen
  2. Ethan Ruby
  3. Billy Baxter
  4. Justin Marchand
  5. Elios Madios
  6. Debby Perkins
  7. Beverly Kruskol