WSOP Event 25 – $10 000 Heads Up No Limit Holdem

Friday June 13th at 12.00 Noon

The Heads Up event is a new addition to the WSOP and was launched for the first time in 2007 and relative new comer to the pro poker circuit, Dan Schreiber, took the honours.

Format of Heads Up No Limit Holdem

This form of poker, which makes up the dying moments, or should we say hours, of the elite Main Event, is played with only two players and consequently has to follow the following format:

  • The small blind is allocated to one player and the big blind to the other
  • The button is assigned to the small blind and is rotated between the players along with the blinds
  • The button acts first pre-flop and last on each street post-flop and
  • The big blind acts last pre-flop and first on each street post-flop

The rules pertaining to Heads Up are the same as No Limit Holdem but the strategy is markedly different. Unlike traditional Holdem where a player can get away with playing only premium hands, in Heads Up virtually every single hand dealt has to be played.

Arguably the best strategy is to play tight aggressive – by raising with most of the hands, a whole lot more pressure will be put on the opponent thus increasing the chances of winning the blinds and antes.

Strategy Tips for Heads Up No Limit Holdem

To be successful at Heads Up players should:

  • raise on any face card and any pair
  • call with everything else
  • re-raise with premium hands and medium pairs

It is a good idea, however, to keep the opponent guessing by occasionally limping with a strong hand or raising with a weak one!

The 2007 Results

American, Dan Schreiber, took the maiden title by outplaying Mark Muchnik in a tournament which lasted three full days. The initial match alone was a veritable epic and ran for a whopping 79 hands. Over 390 players took to the tables in an effort to claim their share of a total prize pool of over $1.8 million.

Final Table

  1. Dan Schreiber – $425 594
  2. Mark Muchnik – $230 300
  3. SF – Keith Block – $128 968
  4. SF – Vanessa Selbst – $128 968
  5. QF – Steve Sarrafzaden – $46 060
  6. QF – Jared Davis – $46 060
  7. QF – Shannon Shorr – $46 060
  8. QF – Toto Leonidas – $46 060