WSOP Event 30 – $10 000 Limit Holdem

Sunday June 15th at 17h00

Limit Holdem made its appearance at the WSOP for the first time as late as 1983 which is most surprising considering it is one of the most popular variants of Texas Holdem. Although it is not ‘Big Bet’ poker like No Limit and Pot Limit Holdem, Limit Holdem allows players to raise and call with a lot more freedom, simply because the betting limit is capped at a predetermined amount.

No Fold ‘Em, Hold ‘Em

This effectively means that the player simply has to decide whether to bet or not, the amount to bet has already been decided. Many may believe that the strategy of deception would consequently be affected by limiting the bet, but in an effort to allow the possibility of bluffing, the limit is generally doubled or increased at some point during the game and is called the ‘Big Bet’.

By limiting the amount bet, players will obviously be more inclined to take chances and will play many more hands than they would do in the No Limit and Pot Limit form of the game. If the limit is low enough players will take a gamble on hitting a winning hand so this version of Texas Holdem is sometimes referred to as ‘No Fold ’em, Hold ‘em’.

Over the years Limit Holdem, as an event of the WSOP, has grown exponentially – in 1989 a second event of its kind was added to the tournament schedule, in 1991 there were three Limit Holdem events and by 1999 there were four events featuring Limit Holdem.

Limit Holdem Champions

There are a number of big name poker players who have dominated the outcome of the limit Holdem events at the WSOP but the one man who clearly stands head and shoulders above the rest is Phil Hellmuth. He has won three Limit Holdem bracelets and came close to a fourth but was outclassed by another consummate poker player, Erik Seidel!

Hellmuth’s Holdem Triumphs

  • 1992 – $2500 runner-up
  • 1992 – $5000 winner
  • 1993 – $5000 winner
  • 2003 – $2500 winner

Other well known players who have outgunned their opponents in the Limit Holdem events of the WSOP include:

  • Johnny Chan who pocketed $171 000 in 1985 for the sole Limit Holdem event of the series
  • Erik Seidel who won the $2500 Limit Holdem event in 1992 and went on to claim a second bracelet in 1994 for his finish in the $5000 Limit Holdem tournament
  • Men Nguyen who claimed the honours and $186 000 in 1995 $2500 event
  • Daniel Negreanu who won nearly $170 000 and the title of the $2000 event in 2004