WSOP Event 8 – $10 000 Mixed Event

The new kid on the WSOP block is the very intriguing Mixed Event and poker pundits are already mooting the possibility that the new addition may surpass both the Main Event and the H.O.R.S.E tournament in both importance and popularity.

For a couple of years now poker professionals have been concerned that the World Champion of Poker is decided by the No Limit version of Holdem, a version which does not necessarily need an enormous amount of skill to be successful at. They quite rightly believe that to be crowned ‘King of the Tables’, the player should be the most skilful and well rounded poker player of the day. Imagine a golfer being awarded a grand slam for an excellent round on the putt-putt course!

The newly conceived Mixed Event will surely test both the dexterity and tenacity of every player as it includes no fewer than eight variants of poker:

  • Triple Draw Deuce to Seven Lowball – is a melange of both lowball and draw poker. The winning hand is always the lowest hand and players have the opportunity of replacing some or all of the cards dealt to them and they may draw or stand three times.
  • Limit Holdem – each player is dealt 2 ‘hole’ cards and there are 5 community cards, dealt face up, available to all players. The best traditional 5-card poker hand wins and there is a specified betting limit.
  • Omaha 8 or Better – is exactly the same as pot limit Omaha but the pot is split between the high hand and the low hand. The winning low hand can only contain cards with values under 9.
  • Razz – is also known as 7-Card Stud Low and, again, the lowest hand wins. Players are dealt 7 cards but only the best 5-card hand is used to determine the winner.
  • Seven Card Stud – players are dealt 7 cards throughout the hand & have to make up the best hand using only 5 cards. It is only played with a limit betting structure.
  • Stud 8 or Better – each player is dealt 7 cards – 3 facedown and 4 exposed – and the object of the game is to make the best 5-card high hand and the best 5-card low hand using any combination of the 7 cards dealt. The winning low hand can only contain cards with values under 9.
  • No Limit Holdem – is exactly the same as Limit Holdem but there is no limit to the amount players may bet per round.
  • Pot Limit Omaha – is derivative of Texas Holdem and players have to make up the best 5-card poker hand using two of their four personal, or ‘hole’ cards and three of the five community cards. Players can only bet a maximum of what is currently in the pot.

The game will change after every 8 hands, the levels are 60 minutes and there will be 3 different blind structures to accommodate the different games.