WSOP Poker Legends

There are always a couple of men, and in this case, a single women who elevate themselves above the norm and these people are the unequivocal legends of the World Series of Poker, and poker in general. Without them poker may have remained the favoured pastime of misfits and miscreants and could well have been relegated to the bottom of the sporting log in perpetuity.

The Visionaries

Certainly without the vision and acumen of the likes of Benny Binion and Johnny Moss the WSOP may have remained an unrequited dream but Binion, in particular, took up the challenge and risked a fair amount of money on his idea of an international poker tournament.

The Players

And then there are the players themselves – that rare breed that somehow manages to set and break records, shift the goal posts and generally add to the challenge of the competition, year in and year out. We take a look at a couple of players who literally set the bar in the early days of the tournament, and some of these limits have not been broken in the forty year history of the World Series of Poker.

It is always a lot more difficult to get things going from scratch and the millions of poker fans around the world and the entire tribe of poker professionals, who earn a steady income from the game, should be more than grateful to these poker groundbreakers.

Johnny Moss & Amarillo Slim

Apart from being Binion’s preferred poker player in early heads-up matches prior to the advent of the WSOP, Moss became an accomplished combatant on the newly launched tour. We dedicate a page to this inveterate winner who supported the WSOP right up to his death.

Amarillo Slim aka Tom Preston was a close friend to Benny Binion and one of the true characters of the game. We look at Preston and his accomplishments.

Bobby Baldwin

Then we take a look at another man who startled the fraternity by grabbing the elite main event title at a very young age, the incomparable Bobby Baldwin. Since then a couple of other young poker sensations have overtaken his record.

Barbara Enright

Finally we pay tribute to the only woman to have reached the final table at the illustrious main event, Barbara Enright. She single-handedly set the scene for other aspirant women poker players to try their hands at the tables of the WSOP and poker celebs like Annie Duke, Shirley Rosario, Jennifer Tilly and the teenage sensation who became the youngest ever bracelet winner, Annette Obrestad have a lot to thank her for!